PUSPADI Bali is the only NGO providing combined quality mobility aids, rehabilitation and skills training programs to some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities on the island and in East Indonesia. We are recognized for making the highest quality prosthetic legs and orthotics outside Jakarta, in our workshop in Denpasar. Over time, we have distributed wheelchairs and mobility aids to more than 5,000 people with disabilities living in some of the poorest communities of Bali, Lombok, Atambua, Sumba as well as Papua. Our experienced team, 70% of whom have a physical disability, regularly travel to remote areas and to the homes of people with disabilities to give them an appropriately fitted mobility aid, so they can be independent. We provide them free-of-charge because we understand that many of them live in poverty and can’t afford nor access basic health care.

Organisation Representative

Endorsers that PUSPADI Bali partner with


Annika Linden Centre

Aavishkaar Capital is the equity arm of The Aavishkaar Group which manages in excess of US$1 billion in AUM across equity and credit. The Group’s shareholders include TIAA-Nuveen, Shell Foundation, Triodos Bank and Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank.

Annika Linden Centre

Inspiration Foundation or Annika Linden Centre is a private grant-making foundation dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education for marginalised communities in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malta and works with a more than money approach. By working hand in hand with local organisations and being present on the ground we are able to have more impact with the money spent, create sustainable growth and achieve social change. While also inspiring others to give, give more and give well.

On-going/Past projects

Reaching Out to People with Disabilities


Develops a well-resourced mobile workshop providing quality mobility aids and rehabilitation to people with disabilities living in remote areas of Bali and East Indonesia.

Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Inclusive Wheelchair Support Space


Build the only inclusive wheelchair support space in Bali, where people with disabilities from all socioeconomic backgrounds can access a fitted wheelchair onsite, to improve their quality of life.

Employability, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation

Empowering People with a Disability


Provides mobility aids to some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities living in outlying areas of Bali and East Indonesia, who can’t afford nor access quality prosthetics or orthotics.

Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation