Quidan Kaisahan Negros Occidental, Inc.

Quidan Kaisahan is a leader in community-based development in Negros Occidental in the Philippines. For the past twenty years, Quidan has worked to serve the poor and marginalized in some of the most remote villages in the region. Quidan works side-by-side with the people to build strong communities where everyone has a voice and a choice. Quidan works with community groups and engages local government towards genuine participation in government decision-making.

Quidan’s work also extends to child education and protection. Quidan works alongside children, their families, local government and the community to ensure that all children have access to education, are removed from illegal underage work and are kept safe from other abuses. Communities are further supported through our empowerment programs, providing trainings, skills and support to develop sustainable livelihood projects that assist with additional, vital streams of income.

Organisation Representative