Siklus Refill

Siklus is reinventing the future of retail through a marketplace model that allows micro-entrepreneurs to sell FMCG products in reusable packaging using technology. Our mission is to reduce plastic waste and make everyday necessities more affordable to low-income customers. Our refill tricycles (gerobaks) are retrofitted with dispensing technology and go around low-income neighbourhoods. Customers bring their own containers to purchase refills of consumer products such as oil, homecare products, and coffee at a discount. Through the elimination of packaging costs, and taking out the middlemen, we reduce costs for our highly price-sensitive customers. Our app and dispensing technology connection provide convenience to customers by enabling them to see delivery schedules and pre-order products, and fine-grained data on consumption and plastic avoidance for FMCGs and non-profits. We aim to be the next generation of retail: mobile, sustainable, and tech-driven.

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Refill Solutions to Tackle Plastic Waste

By Siklus Refill

Our goal is to commercialize our dispensing technology, mobile pushcart and app to enable rapid scaling up of refill solutions to low-income customers across Jakarta in refillable containers.

Climate Action and Environment, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation