Sindh Community Foundation

Founded in the year 2001, the Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) is a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO) with a national outreach, operating from its Head Office in Hyderabad. SCF has established itself as a vital player in the field of community development and social service. The organization has achieved special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) since 2015, highlighting its commitment to international cooperation and humanitarian endeavors. SCF aspires to empower communities to become self-sustained, ensuring that every member enjoys the opportunity to live a dignified life. SCF is working for economic empowerment, decent work , climate change adaptation , education, environment , WASH &youth

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Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women

By Sindh Community Foundation

More than a half million women cotton workers in Sindh are involved in cotton picking. The rising temperature of 49 centigrade has impacted badly on their health, labor productivity and livelihoods

Climate Action and Environment, Education, Financial Inclusion, Gender, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation