SunFarmer Nepal

SunFarmer Nepal is a Kathmandu-based Nepali company with headquarters in New York, USA. SunFarmer Nepal was established in 2014 by North American and Nepali solar experts. Our team has implemented over 1,000 solar projects worldwide, worth over $1 Billion. SunFarmer Nepal is staffed by a team Nepal’s best solar engineers and has built over 250 projects for hospitals, schools, farms, and businesses.

We are the:
• 1st company to do AC Coupling Systems: 100kWp at Bayalpata Hospital
• 1st company to introduce solar plants integrated with diesel generators in Nepal: 66.78 kWp at Kritipur Hospital, Kathmandu
• 1st company to introduce Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)for Solar in Institutional and Solar Water Pumping System

We are also working with all stakeholders in the industry – technology providers, installers, banks, government, and NGOs – to develop and enforce the performance and safety standards needed to make solar a cost effective long-term investment.

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