Teach for ASEAN (Myanmar)

Teach for ASEAN (T4A) was started by a group of young, passionate people in Singapore who want to connect ASEAN Youths, grassroots organizations and good businesses together to attain the common vision of improving equity in education and access to decent employment. We piloted in Yangon, Myanmar in May 2017, and have since been working with organizations and individuals from different sectors to provide good education and employment opportunities for our beneficiaries through community events and training programmes. Ultimately, we strive to be a network of people, resources, and impactful ideas across ASEAN to achieve our Mission.
T4A is supported by Care Positioning System, a non-profit, volunteer-driven social enterprise in Singapore that strives to improve the quality and impact of volunteerism for volunteers and beneficiaries all over the world. T4A shares the vision in promoting impactful volunteerism across ASEAN.

Organisation Representative