The Plastics Circle

PlastX is a General Ledger supply-chain platform for the responsible sourcing of recycled plastic in Asia: delivering competitively-priced, quality material to allow Brands to deliver on their packaging commitments.

With Brands increasingly committed to using recycled plastic in packaging, and a $4.2Bn (and growing) recycled plastic SHORTFALL in Asia, there is a market problem. Our solution addresses this market failure. PlastX, working with an in-country NGO partner, connects directly with Collectors, and aggregates at one level (Hubs) before transferring for processing. Material is tracked physically, digitally and financially. Collectors earn more. Brands get packaging that is compliant and brand enhancing. We get a cleaner environment.

PlastX has been successfully piloted in India, and we are in discussions for roll out in India, Thailand and Indonesia.

PlastX is a product of The Plastics Circle – a data-driven, CleanTech startup making plastic circular economy a reality.

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