Yoddoi Organic Homemaade Thai Coffee

We work Directly with Akha hill tribe coffee farmers in the Doichang Mountain to focus on Chemical Free farming. In Thailand increasing production of Big companies, farmers have to accelerate planting. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has increased. Affect the environment Water contaminated with pesticides Nitrogen accumulation soil from chemical fertilizers release nitrous oxide into the atmosphere causing global warming. Farmers, people in the community and consumers may be contaminated by exposure to inhalation of chemicals and may be contaminated in coffee which has an impact. To the health of consumers directly.

From concern in these matters, We created business opportunities small to offer organic homemade coffee production, By working with small farmers to support farmers with sustainable income And have good health with environmentally friendly production To meet the needs of health-conscious customers,And taking into account the environmental impact.

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Yoddoi Organic Climate-Friendly Coffee

By Yoddoi Organic Homemaade Thai Coffee

Encourage small farmer’s transforming conventional to organically grown coffee farming by creating farmers satisfied price in the Doichang Mountain Chiangrai, Thailand.

Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment