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We are a not for profit EducationTech startup running free entrepreneurship bootcamps in English and Cantonese for high school kids age (12-17) within local and international schools and across all socio-economic backgrounds. We take students from ideation to pitch deck and pitching real VCs in just 36 hours. Young Founders School focuses its KPIs around changing mindsets. Our ideation sessions are geared towards focus on social entrepreneurship and emphasis around solving social problems across poverty, environment and elderly care. We are founded and based in Hong Kong with geographic presence in Singapore, Shenzhen and Bangladesh. Currently supported by Credit Suisse as our headline sponsor and Alibaba entrepreneurship fund as our HK local partner. We are looking for partners and sponsors to support our mission of bringing entrepreneurship education to 1 million students globally by 2025.

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2-Day Free Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

By Young Founders School

Young Founders School is a free startup bootcamp who take high school students from ideation to pitch deck and pitching real venture capitalists in just 36 hours with emphasis on changing mindsets.

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