Over the past decade, wealth in India has grown dramatically and with it comes a new breed of philanthropists and social investors. This emerging group is looking to tackle many of the economic inequalities still challenging the country through business-minded approaches.

About AVPN India

From companies looking to improve their CSR practice to high net worth individuals looking to maximise their impact, the AVPN platform provides frameworks, connections and tools to empower this approach and create real and lasting change for India.

At the inaugural AVPN India Summit 2017, AVPN launched the Funding Education with Impact report. It examines gaps, interventions and the funding landscape across different education segments and age groups in India. Running the spectrum from Early Childhood Education (ECE) through to vocational education and also covering inclusive education, it identifies gaps and showcases existing interventions as well as provides recommendations and suggested approaches to existing and prospective funders.

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What We Do

Maximize Impact

Catalysing a more disciplined approach to philanthropy and social investment to maximise impact while addressing India’s enormous social challenges including health, education, financial inclusion, skill building, environment, and employment generation.

Platform for Collaboration

Promoting collaboration through pooling funds and sharing best practice across sectors and borders via our unique convening platform.

Empower Members

Empowering our members through organised learning opportunities and knowledge sharing to accelerate the momentum for India’s development goals.

Success Stories

Inspiring the sector by showcasing experienced practitioners’ real life successes and challenges to help emerging philanthropists and social investors become more effective.

Sustainable Development

Achieving Goal 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – to revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

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