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Insights for Impact Organisations

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Insights for Impact Organisations

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Vera Solutions Amp Impact

Streamline program management and performance reporting

Vera Solutions

Data solutions and cloud for organizations to track their impact and streamline their operations

IISLA Bankers4Good

A network of volunteer bankers and finance professionals who mentor small enterprises and inclusive businesses

IISLA Impact for Breakfast

Monthly morning event for investors to learn about impact investing, share knowledge and experiences, and meet social entrepreneurs

SEBC Capacity Building & Knowledge Transfer

Training courses, seminars and practical workshops

SEBC Business Support

Platform for connecting social enterprises and enterprises

Vardaan Advisors Pvt Ltd Services

Full line of consulting services for both non-profits and for-profits

UOB Ventures Investments

Investment capital that targets enterprises across ASEAN and China that seek to improve the livelihood of people living at the base of the pyramid (BoP)

UnLtd Indonesia Incubator Program

Incubation program (6 months) in partnership with Instellar to grow potential early-stage social enterprises in Indonesia

UnLtd India Incubator Program

Incubation program for early-stage social entrepreneurs

Tri-Sector Services

Full line of support services from preparation stage such as capacity building workshops to evaluation stage such as strategic data integration

Trafigura Foundation Funds

Funding support and grants for organisations active in fair & sustainable employment and clean & safe supply chains

Tote Board Grants

Funding support and grants for organisations active in various issue areas

ToolBox India Toolkits and Frameworks

Tools and frameworks on capacity building, resource management, reporting, measurement analysis, financial planning & modeling

TrustLaw Pro Bono Legal Services

Free legal assistance, training, events, resources and insights to NGOs and social enterprises

TTC Services

Business support and advisory services for sectors in development, sustainability, climate change, governance, risk advisory and HR

TSIC Insights

Insight reports and access to collaboration network

TSIC Solutions

Toolkits as practical solutions for both for-profit and non-profit active in social sector

TSIC Consultancy Services

Strategy consulting services, impact assessment, evaluation and more

The Power of Nutrition Investments

Investment capital to large scale nutrition programs

The Nature Conservancy Data & Insights

Tools and interactive data on environmental science, climate action, energy and communities

The Marshall Foundation Grants

Grant opportunities to organizations involved in education, social services, arts and culture and early childhood development

Fidelity International Grants

Grant opportunities to organisations active in the areas of arts, culture, education, health and environment

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants

Grant opportunities to innovations that solve key health and development problems

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Workshops, educator programs and youth programs that aim to bring people together around global and local issues

TDRI Insights

Insights on the social sector landscape of Thailand with a economic, social and policy lens

Temasek Investments

Investment capital for organisations of various sizes active in various issue areas

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation Grants

Funding support and grants for organisations active in various issue areas

Tactiv:Enquire Impact Reporting Software

Grant management software that automates the reporting process on contract obligations

Tactiv: Enquire Contract Management Software

Grant management software that improve access, transparency and reporting

Tactiv: Enquire Grant Management Software

Grant management software that streamlines administrative tasks, improve access, transparency and reporting

Synergos Consulting Services

Strategy consulting services, collaboration networks and project implementation for inclusive businesses, CSR and corporate philanthropy

Sopoong Seed Investment and Accreditation Program

Seed investment capital and accreditation program for various issue areas

SVHK – Invent & Incubate

Expertise and network support for social startups to develop the prototypes of social innovation ideas

SVHK – Invest

Invesment capital into SPOs addressing urban issues facing Hong Kong (ageing, poverty, education, environment)

Social Venture Partners International – Grants

Grants and skill-based volunteers for various issue areas

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