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Insights for Impact Organisations

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Insights for Impact Organisations

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Social Venture Partners India – Grants

Grants for organisations working in livelihood or any city-specific issue (Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad or Kolkata)

Social Lens Consulting – Customisable Impact Assessment Tool

Tool that hosts multi type survey tools including qualitative and quantitative measurement methodologies

Social Lens Consulting – Economic Value Added Calculator

Tool to measure the Social Return on Investment of program interventions across livelihood, health and employment sectors

Social Lens Consulting – Investee NPO Capacity Building

Tool built for organisation diagnostics and assessment of CSRs and foundations

Social Lens Consulting – program Impact Measurement Tool

Open access monitoring and evaluation platform for non-profits to measure impact, first 3 years is free

Social Investment Partners – Fund Based Support

Funding support of ¥20-30mil provided to project aligned to focus areas in fostering the next generation in Japan

Social Impact Partners

A funding and strategic partner to social purpose organisations

Social Alpha Quest for HealthCare Innovation

Programme focused on adoption and scaling of innovative healthcare products through funding to conduct clinical validation studies alongside mentoring

Social Alpha Entrepreneurs for Impact

Capacity building and training program that leverages science, innovation and entrepreneurship environment in India

Village Capital: Hiring Strategy & Screening

Guide on hiring strategy and screening

Village Capital: Building a Team

Guide on how to build a team to reach scale

ToolBox Resources Repository

Directory of insights for business planning, fundraising, team management, HR, performance management & strategic management

TrustLaw Legal Health Check

Legal toolkit to assist enterprises in identifying operational legal needs

Acumen Courses

Online Courses

Social Value Monitoring Tools & Links

Directory of software platforms available that help in measurement and maximisation of social value

SIF ASEAN Youth Development Program

Leadership development program for ASEAN citizens between 27-40 years old to grow and connect emerging ASEAN youth leaders

SimplyGiving Fundraising Platform

Fundraising platform for both for-profit and non-profit enterprises championing any cause

Sight and Life Behaviour Change Communication Webinar

Webinar series on behaviour change communication (BCC) that examines the process from the program manager's point-of-view

Sight and Life Behaviour Change Communication Webinar

Webinar series on behaviour change communication (BCC) that examines the process from the program manager's point-of-view

Shunde Foundation Accelerator Program

Accelerator program to support mature enterprises accelerate their growth

Shunde Foundation Seed Funding program

Seed funding program and entrepreneurship training for funded projects

Sesame Ventures Seed Fund

Investment capital for emerging companies innovating in education, health, and social welfare for kids

Seeds Foundation Grants

Funding support from faith-based philanthropic foundation

Second Muse – The Incubator Network

Incubator program organised in collaborations with Circular Capital

SEAF Impact Investing Across Emerging Markets

Impact funds, specific mission funds and entrepreneur development programs

SEAF Entrepreneur program

Capacity building programs, leadership support and business connections to social entreprenuers

SBI Foundation Grants

Grants to projects active in any of their focus areas

Sattva Consulting Services to Achieve High Social Impact

Consulting and knowledge services to SEs looking to achieve social impact goals

Samhita-Vodafone Solutions for Good

Building technology solutions for select not-for-Profit organisations in India

Samhita Impact+

A holistic training program for professionals from the development sector

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Platfrom for tracking and measuring impact in real time and raise more with AI-driven insights on donors

Robert Bosch Stiftung Grants

Funding and other support granted to projects aligned to strategic and funding principles

responseAbility Technical Assisstance

Consultancy services to overcome challenges that could undermine growth and stability

responseAbility Debt Financing in Financial Institutions (Energy-focused)

Debt financing of financial institutions active in financing energy efficiency or renewable energy projects

responseAbility Debt Financing in Financial Institutions

Debt financing of US$2-40mil to financial institutions with total assets of at least US$20mil

responseAbility Equity Investment in Financial Institutions

Growth capital of US$5-25mil to financial institutions

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