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Insights for Impact Organisations

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responseAbility Debt Financing in Renewable Energy Projects

Debt financing of US$3-15mil to renewable energy projects

responseAbility Debt Financing in Energy Access Businesses

Debt financing of US$500k-4mil to companies active in provision of energy access

responseAbility Debt Financing in AgriBusinesses

Debt financing of min. US$1mil to companies active in the agriculture and food sector

responseAbility Equity Investments in Agribusinesses

Growth capital of US$5-25mil to companies active in the agriculture and food sector

RECOFTC Publications

Material for training a team

RECOFTC Publications

Collection of reports and training manuals for the Forestry industry

Reach Out 2 Consulting Services

Consulting services in the areas of strategy, connecting networks & project administration

RaiSE VentureForGood (Youth) Grant Scheme

Grants of up to S$20,000 available to youths developing and implementing their SE ventures

RaiSE VentureForGood Grant Scheme

Grants of up to S$300,000 available for SEs just starting up or expanding their operations

RaiSE Building Business Capability in Singapore

Authorised guideliness for starting a business in Singapore

RaiSE Legal SE Toolkit

Legal toolkit for setting up and running a SE or non-profit entity in Singapore

PLUS: Managing People & Legally Doing Business

Learn how to manage collaboration between people and tackle legal issues in Indonesia

PLUS: Getting Funds and Managing It Wisely

Tips on approaching investors and managing funds

PLUS: How to market my product?

Learn prioritising sales, marketing and branding

PLUS: Running a Business

A selection of materials about handling business operations to scale it up

PLUS: How to Make it Happen?

Step-by-step guidelines to start a business, from business planning to testing the idea

PLUS: Level Up Project

Find opportunities to further develop business and impact - whether it be funding, capacity building or business support

PLUS: Social Entrepreneurship 101

Learn the difference between a common start up and a social business

Phitrust Asia Impact Investment Fund

Funding and impact measurement opportunities for healthy food and energy sectors

Swisscontact RISE Project

Pre and post-investment Technical Assistance for high impact enterprises

Nishith Desai Associates Research Papers

Research Papers about the laws, the taxes, impact funding scenario and the social enterprise industry in India.

One to Watch resources

Online courses focused on products and markets.

Omidyar Insights

Research reports and case studies

Omidyar Investments

Focus on Digital Identity, Education, Emerging Tech, Financial Inclusion, Governance & Citizen Engagement, and Property Rights.

NDA Connect

Networking sessions and talks about the industry.

Nexus Technical Consultancy

Bespoke consultancy services to provide capacity building on women and climate finance.

Nasscom Foundation Big Tech

Make or Request Software Donation

Nasscom Foundation MyKartavya

Social Transformation through Strategic Volunteering

Nasscom Foundation Skills Initiative

Training to deploy Information and Communications technology skills

Milken Institute Research Analysis

Microsoft for Non Profits and NGOs

Microsoft Office 365 Donation Program

MEDA: The GEM Framework

Framework for measuring the Gender equality within an organization

Mastercard Insights

Research , Data Insights , Programs , Publications

LMCF Grants

Supporting charitable organisations and innovative projects

LinkedIn Learning: Change Management Foundations

Principles and techniques necessary to drive change in an entire organization

LinkedIn Learning: Strategic Agility

What it means to become an adaptive organization

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