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Insights for Impact Organisations

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Insights for Impact Organisations

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LinkedIn Learning: Create a Brand Strategy

How to create a compelling brand strategy that gets results for your organization

LinkedIn Learning: Company Culture

Insight into conducting surveys and updating your performance management system

LinkedIn Learning: Scaling your startup

How to scale a startup into a successful business that is prepared for future growth

LinkedIn Learning: Value Proposition Development

How to craft a great value proposition

LinkedIn Learning: Building an integrated online marketing plan

Discover why a successful business strategy starts with you, namely your narrative and your value

LinkedIn Learning: On Bootstrapping

Insights on how to start a new business without any external financing

LinkedIn Learning: Create a Go-To-Market Plan

Build and develop a go-to-market (GTM) plan for your next product or service

LIN Narrow The Gap

Narrow The Gap is a community fund which pools resources and expertise to award local community NPOs to address their communities’ needs.

LIN NPO Toolkits

Toolkits and workshop materials

Leapfrog Investments

Private equity investments in high-growth, purpose-driven financial services and healthcare businesses

LEK Consulting Capabilities

Core capabilities include research, benchmarking, modelling, analysis and strategy development

LEK Consulting Healthcare Insights Centre

Executive insights, case studies and published articles

KPMG Taiwan Social Enterprise Service

Business model formulation and practice

KBF Library


Kaizen Resources

Reports and guides on the transformation of the education sector in emerging markets

SIIF Social Impact Measurement Initiative

Information on social impact assessment in Japan and overseas

JFRA Social Impact Centre

Courses for developing fundraisers, changing policies, and forming markets

JFRA Fundraising School

Fundraising professional school in Japan that can be a ready-to-wear fundraiser

Janaagraha Centre Urban Decentralization Awards

V Ramachandran awards for excellence in Urban Decentralization

J-PAL Training and Education

Open enrollment courses, custom workshops, and online courses

Investing in Women Knowledge Hub

Reports and toolkits for knowledge building on women’s economic empowerment

IRRI Resources and Tools

Publications, datasets, and useful digital tools

Instellar: Remake City Jakarta

Impact accelerating program focusing on solving social problems through innovative businesses

Instellar: Rise, Inc

6 months incubation program to grow potential early-stage social enterprises in Indonesia

IIX Impact Assessment

Apply for possible funding for your Impact Assessment

IIX Growth Fund

Accelerating Inclusive Growth in Emerging and Frontier Markets in South and Southeast Asia

IIX Impact Partners

Crowdfunding Platform


Advisory & Network

IIX Raising Capital for Impact Enterprises


IIX Introduction to Impact Investing for Women’s Empowerment

Online Micro Course

IIX Business Model in Energy


Impact Hub Coaching

In-depth personalized coaching for your idea or venture

Impact Hub Design Thinking


IISLA Advisory and Valuation

Educate social entrepreneurs on how to prepare their enterprises for impact investors

IBM Developer

Open source programs

IBM Knowledge Centre

Home of IBM product documentation

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