A Guide to Effective Capacity Building

AVPN-CB-report-2016-web-1Author: Martina Mettgenberg-Lemiere

In the emerging social investing landscape of Asia, social investors support social purpose organisations in many different financial and non-financial ways. Providing both well is critical for social purpose organisations to become investment- and impact-ready.

The Effective Guide on Capacity Building combines an overview of best practices in social investing and venture philanthropy as well as highlights ten case studies focused on Asia to create a practical one-stop guide.

In this report, we zoom in on what needs to be considered in order to design and deliver a capacity building programme. In particular, we consider how organizations can understand their own motivations to build capacity and how they can gauge investees’ needs.

Report Highlights:

The report functions as a guide through delivering capacity building including what kind of services to provide as well as assessing an organization’s ability to deliver these services. This section also discusses how to structure this delivery and outlines three approaches to assessing the impact of the program.

Includes the ‘Capacity Building Canvas’: a self-assessment tool to help organization understand strengths and weaknesses in each of the areas within capacity building and helps create an actionable plan.

Features ten ‘Capacity Building In Practice’ Case Studies:

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