In bridging the gap between funders and Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) through Deal Share, AVPN recognises the importance of a common language framework around Investment Readiness. In partnership with Village Capital, we are building the common language framework based on its Venture Investment Readiness and Awareness Levels (VIRAL) * pathway, to establish an understanding of key requirements that are matched to different stages of funding along the continuum of capital. In that process, it is important to equip SPOs with the relevant resources to strengthen their capabilities to manage their gaps towards being investment ready. This will also enable AVPN members to decide more strategically on how to deploy their resources.

* VIRAL is created by Village capital as a self-awareness tool that companies can use to become ready to raise investment, regardless of their current stage, while investors can use this framework to articulate whether and why a company is a good fit for them . This enables companies and investors to have one common language to talk about a company’s current stage and what type of investors are best suited for the company at a given point in time.

Collaboration with AVPN members

  • This year, AVPN partners Credit Suisse to run a pilot programme to strengthen SE development. Tapping on the AVPN network of funders and resource providers, we harness our partnerships to provide expertise required to address SEs competency gaps. In addressing the non-financial capital requirements, we identify a key set of needs that represent barriers towards investor readiness. With the results of the pilot group and curriculum, AVPN will create an online wizard, the SE Development Toolkit to help SEs with profiling themselves to their stage of development, helping them identify their needs and then matching them to a set of support available.
  • We are building upon Village Capital’s VIRAL Pathway which outlines investment readiness profiles, bringing on other social investors and intermediaries in the community to strengthen matching of capital requirements.


Related Events

The Asia Social Innovation Award organised by Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVHK) from 22 to 24 January 2019 will showcase start-ups who are providing innovation solutions towards collective action in tackling urban challenges in the region. As part of the Grand Finals, AVPN together with SVHK will be organising a roundtable to discuss the applicability of investment readiness.

At the 3rd edition of the AVPN Southeast Asia Summit in 2019, Investment Readiness was high on the agenda. Held in conjunction with One to Watch, Emerging Market Entrepreneurs and Kopernik, this session convened regional funders, intermediaries, and SPOs in understanding commonalities on Investment Readiness for social investment, including looking at how an impact ladder can be incorporated.

8 SEs were shortlisted from the Deal Share Platform to participate in this pilot comprising of online business clinics, advisory services through skilled-based mentorship or attachment, as well as in-person activities where SEs can share their insights and interact with resource providers and funders. This programme is on-going and updates will be provided as we progress.

Particpating SEs


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