Jalan-Jalan Gelandangan

The Situation

Problem statement: According to a newspaper report, about 90% of urban homeless in Malaysia have jobs. Majority of them are employed in laborious, low-level positions such as security, kitchen help or sales. The homeless encounter many challenges that keep them on the streets. Their employment typically does not provide sufficient income and stability to afford permanet shelter. Limited skills also hinder their efforts to find a living wage.

The Intervention

Mission: To combat social injustice by empowering and strengthening the homeless and training them to become entrepreneur.

Objectives: To reduce or eliminate homelessness; to create job opportunities; to give hope and a second chance; to nurture talents and skills.

Jalan-Jalan gelandangan (“JJG”) believes that the homeless have skillsets that can be harnessed to generate sustainable income. Taking advantage of their understanding of the slum areas and situations in urban Malaysia, JJG determined that the homeless can work as slum-tour guides on a part-time basis and earn additional income to improve their livelihoods. To facilitate this job opportunity for the urban homeless, the organisation provides them with comprehensive support, from training soft skills (i.e. public speaking, sales and self-esteem enhancement) to giving out free food and assistance with housing.

The Impact

IMPACT CREATED (FY 2015, to date)
• 5 homeless participants from JJG’s training have become qualified tour guides
• 9 volunteers have expressed deeper understanding about homeless issues in Malaysia
• 10 tourists have experienced higher awareness on urban issues in Malaysia
• RM4,965 (~USD1,300) of net social value created

Additional Notes

YouTube: https://youtu.be/S-UkZwxS7uA