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Athena Global Alliance (Athena) is a 10 year old niche consulting firm focusing on access to finance for SME in emerging markets. We have areas of expertise in gender, impact fund structuring and analysis, Islamic financing, and financial institution risk management. Athena has been graciously awarded grant funding to start a lending platform for gender lens investing in Indonesia funding by both IW and DFAT’s Frontier Broker’s program through 2022 (called BIDUK); we are focusing on SME and women-led businesses in Jakarta, for now and hope to have disbursed our first loan by the time of the AVPN conference in Bali in February 2020. Athena is a US-registered for-profit entity. We believe that there is sufficient capacity in the emerging markets in which we work, and the rest of the staff is based locally, where we have projects or clients. Currently, we have long term staff in 3 countries–Indonesia, Laos and Mexico–with consultants in more than 20 other countries. Membership in AVPN will help us propel our Asian operations for growth, and through collaborations with other stakeholders in Asia.

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