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Buurtzorg is the leading European community-based home nursing provider with around 10,000 nurses and 5,000 trained caregivers providing patient-centric home nursing services in Holland, Sweden, UK, France and Germany in neighbourhoods – and as of 2015 also in Asia Pacific. Founded in 2007 by Jos de Blok, he 2014 received The Albert Medal of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in London for his role in break through innovating home nursing. Jos de Blok is also an Ashoka fellow. Buurtzorg Asia was founded in 2014 and meanwhile is invested in and operates home nursing businesses in China, Taiwan, India and Japan and has pilot projects in various other Asian countries. In most of those markets Buurtzorg not only provides its unique care and organisational model, but also pioneers home nursing which did not exist before. Our social impact is threefold: 1. Allowing elderly to live a life in dignity in their homes as long as possible, 2. Building a new professional track for both nurses and caregivers in the area of homecare (in India with a focus on young women from rural areas, offering them a first opportunity to get qualified and to find a job) and 3. Building a cost and resource efficient elderly care concept which provides better care at lower cost in countries where the "population gets old before the countries get rich".

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