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A Public Private Partnership to create disability inclusive societies in Nepal.

On June 16th, 2019, the provincial government of Province number 1 in Nepal decided to adopt the Inspire2Care(I2C) programme, a community-based healthcare and rehabilitation programme, as developed by the Karuna Foundation in the past 12 years. The Ministry of Social Development in the province has the responsibility to implement the program in collaboration with the municipalities and the Karuna Foundation. They have allocated budgets, approved new cost-sharing modalities, agreed on implementation guidelines and renamed the program to the Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Program (DPRP). We see this as a great step towards changing the maternal/child health care system and developing disability inclusive society in Province 1. The program focusses on:
• Strengthening the existing maternal and childcare to prevent birth defects, maternal and neonatal mortality and (childhood) disabilities.
• Developing disability-inclusive societies by improving access to healthcare, education, livelihood opportunities and participation in social life for persons with a disability.

The program aims at reaching 540,000 pregnant women, 800,000 children and 100,000 persons with a disability (plus their families) in Province 1 by 2025. The Karuna Foundation will support the government in the scaling and implementation of the program in the coming 5 years in Province 1 and develop a resource centre to share their knowledge and experience. Karuna expects to inspire the remaining six provinces and the federal government in Nepal to adopt the programme too.

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