Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is a “Section 8 Company” established in the year 2009 with an objective to promote a clean, secure, and equitable future for all Indians by supporting policies that promote energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, and renewable energy (RE).
At Shakti, we support the development of policy solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport solutions. Our role is particularly important given India’s recent, ambitious global commitments to address climate change. Armed with a detailed understanding of this ecosystem, we aim to be a robust platform for philanthropic investment in clean energy strategies. To this end, we work with various partners and constituencies to meet our goals. We convene the right stakeholders to provide direction to policy dialogue. Where there is not sufficient capacity, we attempt to bridge the gap through consultancies or through our own thought leadership. We priorities resource which involves identifying strategies that work best towards putting India towards a clean energy pathway. We strive to add value beyond our financial contribution to the field. The depth and quality of our partnerships is critical to our success.

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