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Education is the key game changer when you are striving towards creating equity for the under-served. In India, educational outcomes and employability skills have slightly improved even after being two of the most invested sectors of CSR in India. With the continued risk of dropping out among the students in secondary schools and limited functional literacy, we are looking at students graduating without the necessary capability to strive in their future.
To address these two major challenges in the social development story of India, WPP in India brought all its CSR mandated group companies to launch WPP India Foundation, in 2016, its single CSR entity focused on leading the under-served youth in India from improved educational outcomes to making informed livelihood choices.
Our Objective:
To achieve this vision, we work in the secondary schools involving every student between the grades of 6th and above for a period of 7-years, to ensure:
1. Increase in retention and reduction in drop-out among the students in secondary school
2. Improved educational outcomes towards functional literacy
3. Build digital competency for the students to be future-ready
4. Enhance employability skills
5. Address deep rooted social norms

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