Widely known for its remarkable economic transformation, China also has a long-standing tradition of giving and volunteerism. New wealth holders are leading a dramatic change towards strategic philanthropy and social investment.

Cindy Wang
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Cindy Wang

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Social Investment Landscape in China

China has a rapidly growing social economy, driven by municipal governments, local foundations and enablers. The country has also become a global leader in green bonds. Download the report to access China's social investment landscape.

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China Landscape Report

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The report provides an overview of the social enterprise and impact investment market in China with a view to promoting policy formulation for the development of the Chinese social sector.

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This report describes 33 innovative financing and delivery programs selected based on their relevance to broader health systems and potential to achieve positive impact for poor people.

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Hong Lin By Hong Lin

4 min read

We have witnessed the development of over 200 social entrepreneurs in the past decade, most of whom were born after 1985 and grew up literally “on the Internet”. They seem to have an instinct capability to integrate various resources and respond to social challenges more directly. However, due to limited life experience in a rather fixed social structure, they also face a number of challenges in identifying the needs of different social groups.

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Xuan Xia By Xuan Xia

5 min read

China Charity Fair, a non-profit organization established in 2012 under the guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, has been certifying social enterprises (SEs) since 2015. Over the past 4 years, a total of 234 SEs have been certified out of 1,351 applicants, showing a strong year to year growth: 7 SEs certified out of 67 applicants in 2015, 16 certified out of 154 applicants in 2016, 106 certified out of 510 applicants in 2017, and 109 certified out of 620 applicants in 2018.

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