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Membership Renewals


FAQs on 2023 Membership Renewal Cycle

Now in its 10th year, AVPN has grown to become the largest social investment network in Asia. Along with the size of our community, we continue to expand the programs and services that you, our members, can leverage to support your work. This has been an iterative process that we continue to shape with, and for, our members. Today, these new membership categories reflect more sophisticated and complex offerings that align with our members’ objectives as well as the social investment landscape in Asia as a whole.

  • More opportunities to meet and learn from each other through curated events and networking opportunities
  • More local expertise from across Asia Pacific to inform your work
  • Multiple training and fellowship programs to build your professional capacity
  • Access to a range of high-calibre and effective nonprofits and for-purpose/for-profit organisations in which to invest
  • The opportunity to participate in pooled funds focussed on the particular causes you care about (Gender, Climate, Primary Health among them) that allow your dollars to go further.

Over time, it’s become clear that a strong social investment climate in Asia-Pacific requires access to effective nonprofits and for-profit, for-purpose organisations. AVPN now has multiple programs, including the Dealshare Platform, designed to strengthen and build the capacity of local impact organisations.

By sharing your expertise and making connections through the network, you play an important role in all these initiatives. With the new membership categories, members are better able to forge unusual collaborations across the ecosystem and, ultimately, become more effective in their work in advancing impact.

AVPN membership fees have been frozen since 2016, while programs and services have continued to grow in response to the needs of our members.

AVPN members are the bedrock of our mission, but membership income makes up just 20% of AVPN’s total annual turnover – the remaining 80% comprises grants and sponsorship raised by our team.

We’ll continue to subsidise the real cost of member service delivery by a significant factor – about three to one – but in the interests of AVPN’s own sustainability, and its goal of supporting your work, the fee structure must change.

AVPN now has:

  • Local market staff in 15 locations in Asia that you can call on for local expertise and assistance
  • More than 600 members across 32 markets – an increase of 59% since 2016, allowing for opportunities for more diverse collaborations
  • Annual regional gatherings for members focussed on Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and South Asia, as well as AVPN’s annual Global Conference, the largest gathering of social investors in the region
  • Learning opportunities through the AVPN Academy, which offers specialised fellowships, learning modules through the Social Finance Centre and Corporate Social Impact Centre, and knowledge-sharing convenings through Learning Circles
  • The Climate Action, Gender, Primary Health and Youth Opportunities platforms, which aggregate resources and investment opportunities and allow members to identify who share their social agenda as well as relevant impact organisations (nonprofit and for-profit)

Click here to see a detailed overview of membership benefits.

Conference tickets are now offered at a 50% discount to AVPN members. AVPN will continue to subsidise the true cost of Global Conference tickets by raising sponsorship and grants.

This brings AVPN into line with other membership organisations which offer member and non-member pricing for key events.

Here are just some of the key events and programs coming your way in the next year:

  • AVPN South Asia Summit
    19 to 20 January 2023

Bringing together philanthropists, impact investors, private wealth managers, and U/HNIs for a 2-day event focusing on intersectionality and collaboration to strategically address the development challenges in India and its neighbouring countries.

Featuring discussions, curated sessions and invite-only salons on topics ranging from climate action, gender equality, healthcare, youth economic opportunities, and livelihood development in South Asia.

  • AVPN Global Conference
    20 to 22 June 2023

A global convening of leaders to discuss, strategise, and identify collaboration opportunities to move forward the agenda on social development for Asia.

Packed with country-based deep dives, standalone breakout sessions, curated lunches and dinners on select topics, and expert panels and plenaries focusing on the Asian development agenda.

  • Catalytic Capital Fellowship

Catalytic capital is identified by funders and resource providers as potentially “the most valuable resource you can have” given the role that this form of capital plays in filling financing gaps, addressing market failure and creating much-needed financing options for social enterprises and inclusive businesses which are not well-served by mainstream capital.

Together with Convergence, we will develop a high-touch Catalytic Capital Fellowship with a cohort of 25 Asian funders who will undergo 4 online live learning sessions ahead of a 2.5-day in-person learning engagement in Singapore.

  • Social Finance Solutions Lab

In partnership with British Asia Trust, the lab will bridge the gap between knowledge and implementation by supporting practitioners to design funding approaches that apply social finance principles.

  • Centre for Strategic Philanthropy

In partnership with Stanford PACS, the Centre will focus on helping philanthropists and foundation directors define, refine, and develop their programmes in Asia-Pacific.

The modules offered will be designed with dedicated faculty to ensure that they reflect the innovations and best practices of Asian practitioners. It will be designed to prioritise case-based learning and opportunities for sharing of best practice across the community.

  • Asia Gender Equality Pooled Fund

Women and girls in Asia and the Pacific spend up to 11 times more of their day on unpaid care and domestic care work than men and boys. They are also more likely to be laid off because of the mobility restrictions placed by governments around the world. The Fund, by providing flexible/unrestricted funding to strengthen the capacity of small- and medium-sized organisations, will address socio-economic barriers to improve the economic development of women and girls in Asia.

  • The Expert Collective

AVPN has built a collaborative community of social sector experts to provide AVPN members an avenue to channel their expertise, knowledge and skills towards programmes that serve to benefit the impact ecosystem.

Contact your market representative or send us a message at [email protected].