AVPNews May 2015 edition


AVPNews May 2015


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May 2015 Edition

Welcome to all after the annual conference! My name is Martina Mettgenberg-Lemiere and I joined AVPN as Assistant Director of the Knowledge Centre in January 2015. It was a pleasure meeting some of you during the conference. It was good to share the Capability Development Model with you and hear what you are already doing well and what you want to do even better. Together with Kevin Teo and Alfred Poon, we will continue developing the Knowledge Centre offerings to enable you, our members, to achieve your goals.

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Asia’s premier Social Investing & Philanthropy conference – video, photos and reports out now!

AVPN’s third annual conference held over 4 days from 20th to 23rd April in Singapore broke new records, bringing together unprecedented number of funders, social investors, philanthropy practitioners to share learnings, failings, best practices and to connect for more social impact in Asia.

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How do you start a Social Impact Bond? The hard work, lessons and key ingredients involved

The first results of the Peterborough Social Impact Bond (SIB) released last year were eagerly awaited and showed promising outcomes. While the early successes have been widely publicised, not much has been said about how the model was established and the challenges that were faced in pulling it together.

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Why planning for an Exit strategy is fundamental before any investment

Many funders back organisations based on their cause, product, and services rendered or geography served, ignoring the all-important question that should be addressed at the very beginning of the investment process – what is the exit strategy?

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Learning from Failures with CAF Venturesome webinar

During the month of March we had a webinar with EVPA and Ferd Social Entrepreneurs on the subject of exit strategies and managing exits. EVPA shared some of the best practices collected from their recent research “How to plan and execute an impactful exit” and Ferd talked us through some specific investee exit examples, including some of their challenges and lessons learnt. The webinar recording is available via the following link.

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AVPN & Nishith Desai event: Dialogue with Prof Yunus and Paul Carttar

AVPN India and leading law firm Nishith Desai Associates held an event on 14th March in Mumbai with Nobel Prize winner Prof. Yunus. Prof Yunus shared his experience of creating a vibrant social business in the form of Grameen Bank which has led to the formation of the microfinance industry. Paul Carttar, founding president of President Obama’s Social Innovation Fund, also shared his experiences on how the US government approaches social innovation.

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