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SHIMMER SDGs HUB is an innovative platform dedicated to promoting social innovation and sustainable development education for youth. We help young people to understand and practice the concept of sustainable development by exploring the enabling scenarios of sustainable youth development, linking universities, enterprises, NGOs and other high-quality resources, building open-source social creation communities, and creating and operating learning projects in the field of full literacy. So far, we have developed and operated more than ten innovative projects, cooperated with more than 300 high-quality event’s organizers and hundreds of influential organizations and group among which the Top 5 universities in China like Tsinghua University and Peking University and international organization like Zayed Sustainability Prize and Watson Institute are involved in, and served thousands of teenagers. We have a considerable amount of original knowledge output from young people and we distribute the message to the broad public. Top5 universities in China provide knowledge support to us, and a number of domestic think tanks provide knowledge services to us. In addition, we also have our own original projects. All of these people and knowledge resources will be given to our customers who want to accelerate and strengthen their social projects.



Co-hosted by Watson Institute and CliMates, SHIMMER SDGs Business Case Study Challenge is the first domestically and interdisciplinary case analysis competition aimed at middle school students and organically integrates the global economy, business and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Watson Basecamp is an entirely free public social innovation training camp hosted by Watson Institute and SHIMMER SDGs HUB. We’ve also gained adequate experience through more than ten basecamps. Now, SHIMMER SDGs HUB and Watson Institute work together by conducting workshops, masterclasses, the leap of faith and a series of round-table talks and other related training at Duke Kunshan University, the Mexico-China Center and Hult Business School in Shanghai to realize the practice and incubation of social innovation projects.

  • Original Conference Activities

The 2020 Shimmer SDGs Impact Conference focuses on international affairs for young people in the Asia-Pacific region. It is hosted by the Shimmer SDGs Hub and co-hosted by Watson Institute, CliMates and IO-Talent. The goal is to focus on cutting-edge international political affairs, economic and technological development and planning.


SHIMMER SDGs Debate is initiated and hosted by SHIMMER SDGs HUB and co-organized by the China Youth Climate Action Network and the United Debaterz Society. It is the first Debate Series that include Chinese and English Debate with the focus of Sustainable Development Goals in China.



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The team at 浙江萤行燃火教育科技有限公司 Zhejiang Shimmer Ed-tech Co. Ltd

  • Bo Wang

    Bo Wang

    Chairman of the board at Zhejiang Shimmer Ed-tech Co. Ltd, Secretary General at KANGXING Charity Foundation

  • Jinghui Yu

    Jinghui Yu

    Chief Knowledge Officer at ?????????????? Zhejiang Shimmer Ed-tech Co. Ltd

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