For over 20 years Acumen has worked to solve the toughest challenges of poverty. We have built a global network of leaders and entrepreneurs who are building inclusive businesses, bringing hope to marginalized communities, and forging solutions that offer dignity and opportunity for hundreds of millions of low-income people.

We believe that by supporting extraordinary entrepreneurs with the right capital at the right time, we can make the impossible possible.

We invest patient, philanthropy-backed capital into entrepreneurs whose companies bring innovations to those that can most benefit such as off-grid energy, resilient agriculture, and dignified work. To date, Acumen has invested $146 million of patient capital in 155 companies. We’ve catalyzed new industries and social enterprises that together have transformed the lives of 400 million people.

Through Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social change, we spread our ethos, principles, and practices to equip the next generation of leaders to make a change. The Academy includes online courses, social impact accelerators, and Acumen Fellowship programs, which together make up a global community of over one thousand leaders and hundreds of thousands of course-takers.


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