ALMATA, Division of Avegen Ltd

About ALMATA, Division of Avegen Ltd
  • Based In: Singapore
  • Countries Active: India
  • Sector: Health
  • Beneficiaries: People in poverty, People with disabilities, People with medical needs, Women and girls
  • Financing Provided: Guarantee
  • Support Provided: Access to Networks, Marketing and Communication, Use of Facilities

ALMATA is a start-up social business with the mission to improve public health through technological innovation.  ALMATA  partners with private and public organizations to design, launch and sustain large-scale technology-led global public health solutions.

ALMATA is inspired by the international Declaration of Alma Ata in 1978 which affirmed health as a fundamental human right, emphasized community-based, education and prevention-focused primary care. The declaration called for collaboration among the public and private sectors to advance health for all.

The ALMATA team has collective experience in the area of maternal-child health, HIVAIDS, and rural health delivery and education. Our experience covers India, China and Africa.

ALMATA, Division of Avegen Ltd team members on AVPN Connector