Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd.

About Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
  • Based In: Japan
  • Markets Active: Japan
  • Sector: Employability
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths
  • Financing Provided: Grant
  • Support Provided: Operational Management

Mission: Investment in private equity and business administration of investment limited partnership.

Since our establishment in 2000, we have stood for exhaustive, staunch hands-on support as we have focused our investments in small and middle market Japanese companies. The buyout team has successfully improved business results at a number of portfolio companies, while the secondary investment team has continued to provide solutions such as providing liquidity for illiquid stocks and realigning the capital structure of businesses. At Ant Capital Partners, we believe that providing the kind of support that the management and employees of our portfolio companies are quite happy to receive ultimately leads to the maximization of investment returns.

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