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Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust (BANCAT) is a leading organization dedicated to revolutionizing cancer care in Bangladesh. It addresses the country’s dire need for comprehensive support and resources for cancer patients. BANCAT’s initiatives span nationwide cancer awareness campaigns, holistic care for underprivileged patients through Alok Nibash, and mental wellness support via Alokon. With a mission to foster a cancer-free society, BANCAT emphasizes individual action through its motto, “it takes one to save one,” inspiring collective efforts in bridging the gap between patients and support. Having impacted over 2000 underprivileged individuals and creating awareness for more than 10 Million people BANCAT’s commitment to raising awareness, providing direct support, and fostering a supportive environment reflects its dedication to combating cancer in Bangladesh. Through its multifaceted approach, BANCAT serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the fight against cancer, embodying the transformative power of compassion and community action within the nation.



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