BRAC, the world’s largest southern-led global development organization, is renowned for its commitment to alleviating poverty and supporting the empowerment of individuals in low-income communities. Founded by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed in 1972 after the independence of Bangladesh, BRAC has since expanded beyond Bangladesh into Asia and Africa, and partners with over 100 million people through scalable, evidence-based programs powered by the efforts of 100,000 staff members, thousands of supporters, and hundreds of local partner organizations.

BRAC’s development model prioritizes girls and women, follows a human-centric approach, and designs and implements community-led solutions. At its core, BRAC believes that there’s no magic bullet for tackling poverty and inequality. BRAC follows a multi-pronged holistic approach to development, addressing the multiple dimensions of poverty, e.g., healthcare, education, livelihoods, agency and empowerment, financial inclusion, and disaster resilience. Through its diverse range of initiatives, BRAC continues to provide individuals with the tools and skills necessary to break the cycle of poverty. BRAC has contributed to transforming Bangladesh into a model for poverty reduction, and continues to deliver high-impact and scalable solutions in resource-constrained communities across Asia and Africa.

To learn more about BRAC: www.brac.net

To learn more about BRAC’s international operations beyond Bangladesh: https://bracinternational.org/



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