• Based In: Hong Kong SAR China
  • Markets Active: Hong Kong SAR China, Philippines, Thailand
  • Sector: Climate Action and Environment
  • Beneficiaries: Elderly, Flora and fauna, People in poverty, Women and girls

We are a Hong Kong registered charity that provides support to environmental and conservation work as well as family planning initiatives.

Our vision is:

A culturally- and biologically-diverse world in which a) human communities live at one with the rest of Nature and in harmony with each other and b) all species are recognised as having inherent value.

Our Mission is:

To combat climate change and enhance and protect ecological biodiversity by working in partnership with organisations, social enterprises and communities that are committed to addressing climate change and reducing our ecological and carbon footprint with practical solutions.

We have incubated several social ventures to address the environmental issues in the region. These include projects to produce produce without burning the land in Thailand (where annual fielding burning causes forest fires, CO2 emissions and smog), green funerals and upcycled furniture made with recovered wood.

Currently, we are supporting over a dozen environmental and family planning projects in Asia.

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