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Buckminster Ventures is a brand new venture capital firm that is being established in the ADGM of Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to invest in start-ups in the technology space that are providing solutions for the UN SDGs. We will have particular focus in food production, water management, energy transition, sustainable finance, health, education, waste management and the environment. I have been very involved with sustainability back to the 90s, where I was a member of environmental teams advocating for old growth forests. In the 2000s, I started a company that created the foremost model and framework for urban sustainability, and published our work in our book “How Green Is Your City.” I was invited to the UN in New York to present out work, and subsequently to New Zealand and Japan, where we did urban sustainability projects based on this methodology, which was very data centric and systems oriented. This was all part of the UN’s World Environment Day Program. We will source our software investments from across the world, with special attention to Asia and the MENA regions. Our fund will be operational by October of 2024, as we are currently engaged with the registration process. I currently run two early stage software investment vehicles in the United States, that are geared around early blockchain investments in establishing a more equitable financial system worldwide. Thank you for the opportunity to join AVPN, I am looking forward to attending your upcoming conference in Abu Dhabi in a few weeks.


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