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The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) established Capital Markets Malaysia (CMM) to spearhead the local and international positioning as well as profiling of the Malaysian capital market.

CMM showcases the competitiveness and attractiveness of the various segments of the Malaysian capital markets – to promote international participation and enhance opportunities for domestic capital market intermediaries. CMM works to support the advancement of Malaysia’s capital market intermediaries through various initiatives and partnerships, focusing on three key areas:

  • Sustainable finance and investing
  • The Islamic capital market
  • Capital market funding opportunities through the private markets

Notably, CMM’s capacity-building and profiling activities in these focus areas are spearheaded by our centres of excellence, i.e. the Malaysian Sustainable Finance Initiative, the Sustainable Investment Platform and the Centre for Sustainable Corporations, as well as the Elevate programme.

CMM engages with a diverse pool of international and domestic capital market stakeholders. Our extensive network enables us to connect local capital market intermediaries with foreign stakeholders and provides a global platform to position Malaysia’s unique capital market products and expertise. CMM also continuously interacts with the capital market regulators, the stock exchange and related government ministries as well as agencies, to provide market insights and support market development initiatives.

One of CMM’s priorities is to support the regulators’ efforts in developing and building depth in Islamic fintech, by enhancing the breadth and depth of Islamic finance for domestic platform providers and also by bringing in new foreign participants. CMM highlights the role of the Islamic capital market in expanding the sustainable funding and investment universe, and how the regulators’ support has enabled the development of a sustainable finance ecosystem through their initiatives, frameworks and roadmaps.



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