Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte Ltd

About Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Based In: Singapore
  • Markets Active: Indonesia, Singapore
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Education, Employability, Energy, Health, Livelihood and poverty alleviation, Nutrition, Water and sanitation and hygiene
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Elderly, Environment, People in poverty, Women and girls
  • Financing Provided: Grant, Guarantee

Cargill is committed to sustainable palm oil production and sourcing, which includes the conservation of biodiversity, reduction of greenhouse gases, improvement of livelihoods and food security. It is critical that all parts of the palm oil supply chain – from plantations to retailers – collaborate and act in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

For more than 150 years, we have helped farmers grow more, connecting them to broader markets. We are continuously developing products that give consumers just what they’re seeking, advancing nutrition, food safety and sustainability. And we help all of our partners innovate and manage risk, so they can nourish the world again tomorrow.

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