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WHO ARE WE: Creador Foundation is a registered non-for-profit organisation based out of Kuala Lumpur. We are funded by Creador, a private equity company focused on growth capital investments in South and Southeast Asia.

OUR VISION: We believe in empowering local communities so that they can take ownership of their own lives and be the primary agents for change.

OUR APPROACH: We pride ourselves as a foundation that goes beyond traditional grant-giving. We develop and run programmes that are focused on solving deep needs in the community. These programmes are research driven solutions contextualised to our target beneficiaries with the ability to scale and impact millions of lives.


  1. Education: Creador Foundation engages itself in creating and supporting education programmes that are free, sustainable and scalable. Our flagship programmes include:
    • Multiply: Multiply is an online platform with easy-to-understand information on personal finance. The platform delivers financial concepts, opinions, and stories in the form of videos, guides, blog posts, calculators, infographics among other interactive content, all customised for its users. Multiply platform was launched in August 2020 in Malaysia and through multiple strategic partnerships it has been successfully impacting the lives of thousands of youth and working adults.
    • Schola: Creador Foundation is currently in the process of developing Schola, a one-stop platform for all Malaysian students to easily access neutral and free content related to navigating their diverse higher education and career pathways.
  2. Arts & Culture: We believe that art is an integral aspect of creating well-rounded individuals in society. As such, Creador Foundation supports initiatives and aids in capacity building to promote a robust arts sector in Malaysia.
  3. Humanitarian Relief: Creador Foundation believes in good citizenship and playing our part in helping fellow Malaysians in times of need. As such the foundation is responsive to humanitarian needs and works with its business networks, key government and non-governmental stakeholders to ensure swift aid.



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