ENEA Consulting

About ENEA Consulting
  • Based In: Hong Kong SAR China
  • Countries Active: Rwanda
  • Sector: Energy
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Elderly, Ethnic minorities, People in poverty
  • Support Provided: N/A

ENEA Consulting is an independent company providing strategic consulting company dedicated to energy & environmental transition, based in Paris (France), Melbourne (Australia) and Hong Kong, and with 12 years of international track-record.
Envisioning an industrial future that reconciles performance with responsibility will require better management of natural resources and the integration of environmental and social dimensions into strategic and operational decision making. To do so, ENEA has chosen to work with all the actors in the energy value chain: energy companies, industrial players, policy makers and regulators, international organizations, investors, and technology providers.
ENEA provides advisory services – preliminary studies for the definition of a marketing, strategy or financial vision – and operational support for the implementation of their projects. Thanks to its independent shareholder base, technical expertise and industrial knowledge, ENEA can propose a holistic approach to energy and environmental topics in view of developing innovative and effective solutions.
ENEA also supports energy stakeholders in assessing their environmental, social and economic impacts. Investors and donors as well as entrepreneurs and project developers face an increasing need for evaluation to drive performance and to raise funding.
Since its creation, ENEA have been engaged in improving energy access in developing countries. ENEA supports international public institutions, large corporate and social entrepreneurs and NGOs, from structuring development strategy to deploying operational scale-up action plan on the field. Through its energy access pro-bono program, ENEA has supported 80+ projects in developing countries mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, while building comprehensive energy access expertise.

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