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Foundation for Shared Impact (FSI) is built on the philosophy of “shared impact”, which believes that when different groups come together to share knowledge, resources, and time, collectively we can achieve a greater social impact than by working separately. From our experience, the social impact space in Hong Kong tends to be siloed, with organizations considering each other as “competitors”, and unwilling to share what they do or to collaborate. We believe that no one organization, no matter how innovative, can solve systemic problems alone. This drives our approach as follows:

We Educate, Empower, and Unite: We help the people who help people. We are educators, founders, students, business leaders, and community members who believe in solving today’s biggest challenges with a scalable solution through acceleration and incubation.

We Build Capacity: As a tech-savvy team who believes in using data and technology to enact change, we help our partner companies, social impact organizations, ethnically diverse entrepreneurs and small grassroots businesses streamline their operations via technological tools and automated solutions so that they can redirect their resources to capacity building.

We Drive Systems Change: Beyond offering programs in response to the community’s needs, we build a model that leaders can adopt to promote broader cross-sector collaboration, innovation, and positive social change.


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  • David Bishop

    David Bishop

    Co-founder & Director at Foundation for Shared Impact

  • Vivian Seo

    Vivian Seo

    Program Manager at Foundation for Shared Impact

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