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Established in 2013, Frontier Innovations is a 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes organizations, captures learning and insights from the field, aggregates capital from donors to invest in organizations’ ability to drive gender-lens solutions, and creates pilot experiments to find novel business models that can address two core challenges for last-¬‐mile organizations.

Frontier Innovations Foundation’s mission is to catalyze the scalability of organizations focused on last-mile access to the base of the pyramid markets, with a strong focus on enterprises with women-centric business models and delivering impact-oriented solutions to vulnerable communities at scale and in a sustainable manner.

The mission of Frontier Innovations Foundation (FIF) is to promote and support organizations that invest in the economic empowerment of women and vulnerable communities around the world. To do this, FIF aims to bring together the technologies, new business models and investment to grow and support a community of last-mile distribution organizations. We believe that our approach will help social entrepreneurs address their common challenges that are necessary to scale global access to digital-first solutions, high-impact solutions in healthcare, finance, climate, agriculture, and more promoting opportunities for income and resilience for all through its pioneering impact fund: She-Leads Impact Fund, a $20MN blended capital facility aimed to promote unlocking of capital for social businesses focused on gender-lens initiatives in finance, climate, and healthcare.

Frontier Innovations Foundation (FIF) aspires to fund, facilitate and feature 15 experiments that will generate groundbreaking failures and replicable solutions in the next 5 years.

Key Values
1. Thoughtful experimentation, risk-taking and useful failures will drive breakthroughs;
2. Transparency and vulnerability will make the energy sector community stronger;
3. Technology should support the community — not the other way around;
4. Success looks like retiring the foundation when its objectives have been achieved.



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