FWWB, India

About FWWB, India
  • Based In: India
  • Markets Active: India
  • Sector: Livelihood and poverty alleviation, Water and sanitation and hygiene
  • Beneficiaries: People in poverty, Women and girls
  • Financing Provided: Debt, Grant
  • Support Provided: Access to Networks, Financial Management and/or Accounting

FWWB was promoted in 1981, as an affiliate of Women’s World Banking, a global network created to focus on the need for women’s direct access to financial services and recognizing women’s role in building a nation’s economy. Our aim has been to promote direct participation of poor women in the economy through access to financial services. FWWB was created to extend and expand informal credit supports and networks within India to link them to a global movement. We have always strived to assist in the formation and strengthening of people’s organisations by bringing them into the mainstream of the economy and thereby participating in the process of nation building. Our strategy focuses on building the capacity of promising and committed people’s institutions to play a leading role in providing financial services to the poor.

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