Hanyang University

About Hanyang University
  • Based In: South Korea
  • Markets Active: Egypt, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Climate Action and Environment, Education, Energy, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Offenders and re-offenders, People in poverty, People with disabilities
  • Financing Provided: Grant

Hanyang University team members on AVPN Connector
  • Jieun Lee

    Jieun Lee

    ManagerHanyang University Social Innovation Center

  • Jungdai Kook

    DirectorHanyang University Social Innovation Center

  • Zahin Hussain

    Zahin Hussain

    Program DesignerHanyang University