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Established since 1997, Heritas Capital started out as the investment arm of the IMC Group. Since 2013, Heritas Capital has a Capital Markets Services (“CMS”) A/I (Accredited / Institutional) fund management licence, with assets under management exceeding $250m.

Currently, Heritas Capital manages private equity, venture capital and fund-of-funds investments into healthcare, education, and technology globally. Heritas Capital has demonstrated strong hands-on track record of originating, executing and managing investments. We are also proud to be a co-investment partner of SPRING SEEDS Capital, under the Startup SG Equity Scheme into leading healthcare startups in Singapore.

Guided by our investment philosophy – invest with purpose, impact across generations – Heritas Capital backs innovative companies to become emerging champions and drive inclusive growth that improves the lives of local communities while delivering sustainable returns to investors.


Many of Heritas’ portfolio investments across 7 countries in Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and India have been providing solutions to address underserved needs of the communities that they operate in, driving and creating positive impact outcomes. Together, they have provided >30m users access to quality, affordable healthcare services annually, >15m learners access to quality, affordable education services annually, and >10m healthier/more nutritious meals for special needs such as diabetes and dysphagia.

Along with encouraging impact outcomes, business growth of our direct portfolio companies remained strong, despite COVID-19, at >180% average revenue CAGR since Heritas’ investment, US$500m total follow-on funding raised to date, and ~5x multiple of follow-on funding raised over our initial investment deployed.

View Heritas’ latest impact report here: Heritas Capital Annual Impact Report FY2021



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