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Founded in 2010, IGARDEN has invested over 200 Million USD into the development of Organic and Eco Agriculture and Rural Development in China. The primary investment is used to develop Xingyi Town, located in Sichuan Province of China. The development has helped over 2,000 thousand local rural residents moved into new housings and trained over 1,000 local farmers on organic farming. IGARDEN has also nourished over 200 new-generation organic entrepreneurs who are trained on Sunshine Earth Organic Development Institute, which was developed by IGARDEN in 2014. IGARDEN also set up the world’s first enterprise-founding organic certification standard in 2012, and this standard is strictly used to assist China’s small to medium scale producers to get internationally approved organic certification. IGARDEN also set up a 10 million USD- angel fund program to incubate entrepreneurs who are graduated from Sunshine Earth Organic Development Institute, the annual financial grant used to support each student’s training is around 20,000 USD and over 100 students have received this support.



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