IISLA Ventures Ltd

About IISLA Ventures Ltd
  • Based In: Philippines
  • Markets Active: Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Tanzania
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Livelihood and poverty alleviation
  • Beneficiaries: People in poverty
  • Financing Provided: Equity

Our vision is sustainable prosperity for people in rural communities. We believe that if we enable people in remote places to live their dreams and aspirations without leaving their homes and families, many of the social and environmental challenges we are facing could be eradicated. IISLA bridges the right capital to businesses that have mission to improve and transform the lives of people in rural communities whilst sustainably protecting and preserving the environment. We achieve this by working closely with businesses with mission to reach the underserved in society where mainstream finance and access to essential business support may not be available, and by collaborating with donors and investors in identifying social and environmental projects and social enterprises that are scalable and that require funding particularly in least developed markets. IISLA was founded by Jennifer Viloria. Having witnessed and experienced rural poverty as a child, her personal goal is to help bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Raised in a remote farming community in the Philippines and educated in London she collaborates with global, national and local NGOs, government bodies, philanthropists, investors, and large companies to effect positive change where needed.

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