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iKure, a for-profit social enterprise based in India, is committed to improving healthcare accessibility and delivery in the country’s underserved communities. Supported by the visionary backing of Shri Ratan Tata, iKure has embarked on a journey to integrate cutting-edge technology with healthcare, impacting over 34 million Population and successfully treating more than 4 million patients to date.

Transitioning from the traditional Community Health Worker (CHW) model to the more dynamic Community Health Entrepreneur (CHE) framework, iKure empowers community members to actively contribute to healthcare solutions. This approach not only broadens healthcare access but also tailors services to the unique needs of each community, leveraging telemedicine, sophisticated patient data management, and comprehensive health monitoring systems.

iKure’s commitment to innovation is further highlighted by its global partnerships, which facilitate the exchange of knowledge, technology, and best practices. These collaborations enhance our service delivery, allowing us to introduce novel healthcare solutions and technologies that cater to the specific demands of rural and semi-urban areas in India.

Our vision at iKure is to create a model of healthcare delivery that is both scalable and effective, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative approaches to meet the health needs of India’s most remote communities. Through continuous improvement and a focus on sustainable health outcomes, iKure is setting a new standard in healthcare, underscored by a commitment to excellence and social impact.



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