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Impact Investors Council (IIC) is a member-based industry body that has been established to build a compelling and comprehensive India Impact story and strengthen Impact Investing in India. Envisioned in 2013, IIC was incorporated on 19 December, 2014 and today we are a 12AA and 80G Certified Company to address the growing sentiment among stakeholders in the Impact Investing community. I am enclosing an IIC brochure to give a peek into some of our past endeavours.

IIC’s mission is to encourage private capital to bridge the social investment gap in India while developing an impact investment ecosystem. It makes its efforts on building the ecosystem through Research Activites, Policy Advocacy and Government Interaction and showcasing India as a safe and attractive Impact Investing destination. We have an active support from around 40 prominent Impact Investors and Ecosystem Players- who are our members. IIC also comprises of working groups formed by it’s members called Sub Committees for internal working. The groups are categorized as Advocacy Sub Committee, Research Sub Committee, Membership Sub Committee and Capital Sub Committee.IIC got a state of the sector study commissioned on Indian Impact Investing sector through Mckinsey in 2016, which got completed in 2017.



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