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Established in 2000, Industree Foundation holistically tackles the root causes of poverty by creating an ownership based, organised creative manufacturing ecosystem for micro-entrepreneurs. Industree works with a vision to co-create an ecosystem with farmers, artisans and stakeholders, creating a new way of building sustainable enterprises and work culture. Its mission is to work towards economically and socially empowering women from both agri and non-agri occupations. This is done by enabling them to equitably engage with global and local markets through producer- owned enterprises, thus becoming wealth creators for themselves, creating resilience to life crises and helping society meet its sustainable development goals. Our approach has tripled the incomes of artisans in non-farm occupations by leveraging their artisanal skills and integrating them into the creative industries sector, reaching 60,000+ women artisans across India and Africa.



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Ethiopia, India

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