Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)

About Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)
  • Based In: Japan
  • Markets Active: Japan
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Ageing, Education, Employability, Health, Livelihood and poverty alleviation
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Elderly, Offenders and re-offenders, People in poverty, People with disabilities, People with medical needs, People without employment, Women and girls
  • Financing Provided: Debt, Equity, Grant, Guarantee
  • Support Provided: Access to Networks, Impact Measurement, Strategy Consulting

SIIF aims to catalyze a new capital flow model that transcends existing boundaries between private, public, and civil sectors. SIIF seeks to nurture a social impact investment ecosystem that will support Japan s sustainable development, making it a global forerunner in shouldering social issues unique to developed economies.

Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF) team members on AVPN Connector
  • Fumi Sugeno

    Fumi Sugeno

    Japan Social Impact Investment Foundation

  • Nanako Kudo

    Nanako Kudo

    Executive DirectorJapan Social Impact Investment Foundation