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The Jen & Lin Educational Foundation was started in 2001 to commemorate inheriting the love of Sr. Pauline Jen SSS and Ms Mei Ji Lin. They served Taiwan published by faith and love in their profession of psychology. They are the pioneers of parenting education in Taiwan (1975-2007, served in Huw Ming and Huaijen Center of Human Becoming, the first counseling service in Taiwan). The Jen & Lin Education Foundation helps people in their personal grow up and gain more family happiness and also promotes social stability in Taiwan. Jen & Lin’s core value focuses on the whole human being’s mental health.

Jen & Lin is a promoter of life, marriage, and family education in Taiwan and the Chinese area. It nourishes and stretches the branches and leaves of love through the following methods: Community reading clubs, learning groups, love movement 123, growth workshops, counseling, online Learning, publishing, etc. There are currently five learning centers in Taipei, Taichung, HsinChu, Hualien, and YunLin. Each learning centre trains reading club leaders rigorously, from initial selection, interviews, and multiple stages of training courses to actual rehearsal and final pieces.

In the fourth quarter of each year, Jen & Lin brainstorm innovative services through the vitality camp. In addition to expanding different service bases, it plans various innovative service solutions and hopes to spread the seeds of love through publications and online learning. To the whole of Taiwan and Chinese regions, especially the disadvantaged corners, to provide sufficient nutrition for every friend in need. Over the past 20 years, we have served more than 180,000 persons. The reading clubs we have trained have led volunteers to serve more than 27,000 hours, and we have served more than 350 community bases. We hope to make our society full of love, warmth, harmony and happiness to achieve the goal of a “happy soul, happy family”!


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