Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

About Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Based In: Indonesia
  • Markets Active: Indonesia
  • Sector: Affordable Housing, Agriculture, Education, Employability, Energy, Financial Inclusion, Governance, Livelihood and poverty alleviation
  • Beneficiaries: Immigrants and asylum seekers and refugees, People in poverty, People without employment

KADIN is focused on all matters related to trade, industry and services and is highly committed to tapping potentials and synergies of the national economy, offering a strategic forum for Indonesia entrepreneurs. KADIN is the only nation-wide business maintaining a privileged liaison to government officials and covering all relevant sectors. KADIN encompasses 34 regional chambers and more than 500 district brances to ensure national coverage.

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry team members on AVPN Connector
  • M Arsjad Rasjid PM

    M Arsjad Rasjid PM

    Vice Chairman on National Entrepreneurs Development of KADIN IndonesiaKADIN